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Gramaster is a quick and efficient drilling app. Train English grammar and measure your progress after each go

Brain-friendly learning

Automation of forms and uses through numerous repetitions, referring to your knowledge, your good moods – these are only selected neurodidactic aspects which we took into account when designing Gramaster.

Grammar doesn’t have to be boring

Can a grammar book offer you learning through play? Can it give you instant feedback and provide you with interaction? Don’t worry. You will find all of this, and even more, in our application.

Unlimited access

There are a thousand situations when you can do a grammar test: on the bus – on your mobile phone, in bed – on your tablet, during a break at work – on your computer. Wherever you like, however you like, just the way you like it. The choice is yours.

Goal-oriented learning

Is it an exam? Or a trip? Or, maybe, it's for your job? Define what your goal is and our app will help you to improve your grasp of English grammar.

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Gramaster step by step

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What others think about Gramaster

“Saved me a lot of time when preparing to exams. It's really cool!”

Kate, student

“My students have a lot of fun playing with grammar on smartphones.”

Tom, teacher

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One app. Lots of features

Personal grammar coach

A tool which suggests which step you should take next the moment you finish your training. Thanks to this solution you can learn faster and more effectively.

Drill Index

An index which measures your progress, expressed in the form of a numeric value and as a progress bar visible in the background of grammar tasks.


They help you analyze your results in a given grammatical category. Among other things, they show your personal best, charts showing your progress or the most difficult questions.

The Challenge

A training session composed of selected, already practised categories. Thanks to it, your brain is working in a mixed context, which has a positive influence on acquiring grammar.

Instant feedback

Feedback available both during and after your training. Analyzing your answers, you can learn on your own mistakes.

Easy access to grammar topics

The topics are divided into three levels. Thanks to the features like Resents and Search you have easy access to the topic you are looking for.

History of trainings

The history of your trainings is available on demand, even if your subscription expires. Thanks to it, your stats will remain unchanged when you come back to us after some time.

For students and teachers

A student doesn’t have to browse through tens of grammatical exercises. As a result, a teacher has got more time to develop other, crucial language competencies during a lesson.

Prepared by experts

The application is being constantly developed by the team of experts specializing in grammar and methodology of English language teaching.

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